Top 3 Do’s and Don’ts to Improve Your Summer Skincare Routine

You cannot deny that Your skin needs special attention or care during summer. With scorching summer round the clock, the skin begins to undergo changes or transformations. 

Summer is always synonymous with excessive heat and humidity. It gives rise to certain environmental factors that negatively impact the skin. So, it is extremely essential to follow the best summer skincare routine. 

summer skincare routine

Summer skin problems might take the form of itchy skin, prickly heat, sunburn, and rash due to sensitivity quotient to the sun rays. 

The Blog will tend to explain in detail the do’s and don’ts of summer skincare routine as effectively as possible. 

Do’s Of Summer Skincare Routine

Following are some of the essential daily routines that users need to keep their summer skin problems at bay: 

Cover Up And Protect Your Skin From The Sun

It is difficult to separate summers and sunscreens. The harmful sun rays leave your skin looking dull and dehydrated. In such cases, we recommend you to use a devriz sunscreen with SPF 30-50, even if you stay indoors. 

Keep Your Skin Hydrated

Hydration is very essential during summer. Use a hydrating Face mask after washing your face at night to get some extra hydration while sleeping. Another effective way to stay hydrated is to splash your face with water frequently or keep a facial mist handy to freshen your skin. 

Exfoliate Your Skin

Try to apply a face scrub at least twice a week that is suitable for your skin. It aids in removing excess oil and dirt from the skin. Don’t forget to exfoliate the lips and neck too. 

Don’ts For Summer Skincare

Avoid facial oils, creamy cleansers, and heavy oil-based foundations; opt for lighter, exfoliating, mineral-based products.

Avoid Using Facial Oils

Avoid using oils during the summer season. The warm temperatures will cause the oil to clog the pores imparting a greasy and dull look to your skin along with increasing the risk of breaking out. 

Don’t Use Creamy Cleansers

Creamy cleansers though provide moisture to dry skin. It is not well-suited for summer. Instead, use cleansers with glycolic acid, lactic acid or salicylic acid to gently exfoliate your skin while also paving the way for the development of new collagen. 

Skip Wearing Heavy Oil-Based Foundations

Make a transition from oil-based to mineral-based foundations. As the weather warms up, ensure that the make-up is light and non -comedogenic. 

Additional Tips For Daily Skin Care Routine In Summer

Apart from the necessary lists of do’s as highlighted in the previous part, users can also follow the additional tips and tricks as part of summer skin care: 

Opt For Seasonal Fruits And Vegetables

Salads and vegetables like cucumber and lettuce in your diet -help the body to stay cool from within. Seasonal fruits, for example, watermelons, Citrus fruits and juices also help. 

Abstain From Sugary Drinks

Sugary drinks don’t add any value to the body and also make you feel sluggish. This is so because they have no hydrating qualities. So, go for a nimbu pani instead of a cola. 

Use A Good Toner

Use an aloe vera or cucumber-based toner as they are lighter and can be effective in closing the open pores. 

Summer Skincare Essentials - Review

After reading the do’s and do’s of summer skincare routine. Hydration is the main thing to end all your summer skin-related woes. Now, to do a precise and complete review of the aforestated do’s and don’ts of summer skin care, the following essentials come to the fore: 

  • Drink plenty of water to stay hydrated. 
  • Clean face using hydrating Devriz Foaming Face wash 
  • Apply light moisturizers as per the skin type 
  • Don’t forget to keep wet wipes in the bag 
  • Must adhere to a night skincare routine 
  • Saying ‘’yes ‘’ to SPF 
  • Pamper your skin through moisturizers 

Maintaining a strict and regular summer skincare routine is not that difficult. It is necessary to gather or compile the correct information and facts from relevant sources. Be it useful online web journals, Blogs, newspapers or magazines. 


In addition, we may conclude that consistent hydration is the key element of the best summer skincare routine. The best skin specialists always focus on the importance of having a good skincare routine for your skin. The skincare routine followed in summer should differ from the winter skincare routine. Since the skin tends to react differently in both seasons. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Q.1 Which Serum Is Best For The Face?

Ans: A serum often boasts of containing a higher amount of active ingredients as compared to moisturizers. Devriz face serum is best for the face. It is also useful as essential summer skincare essentials. The serum is full of essential ingredients like hydroquinone, kojic acid or niacinamide. Skin Experts recommend using the serum every day to get optimal results. 

Q.2 Which Face Wash Is Best In Summer?

Ans: Devriz facewash is best in summer. It will heal and nourish your skin minus abandoning its essential oil and causing damage to the skin barriers. Using it twice a day is the most recommended amount. In the case of oily skin, rinsing the face thrice a day is the maximum dosage to go for. 

Q.3 What Is Important For Summer?

Ans: Detoxification is important in summer. It is the time to enjoy outdoor physical activities. Many sports activities like walking, hiking, swimming, and surfing, are equally important. People who exercise should drink more and more water during summer. Summer is also good for learning good habits and new skills. 

Q.4 What Is A 3 Step Skincare Routine? 

Ans: Instead of adding more and more products to the cart only because they are new to the market. Planning a basic skincare routine according to the Skin type is the best thing to do. A basic skin care regimen involves three steps: Cleansing - which helps to get rid of dirt and dust. The second step is toning -it is balancing your skin. The third step is moisturizing. It helps keep the moisture locked in for hours. 

Q.5 What Can Damage Your Face?

Ans: Excessive exposure to the sun, unhealthy patterns of diet and dehydration, Cigarettes and alcohol, Non -stop face movement, chemical irritants etc. Staying hydrated, exercising, Diet containing antioxidants and vitamin C, and frequent exfoliation are some of the remedies to restore your damaged face.
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